Artistic Statement

    My theater is the only place where I can

    build my monsters,

    set them free,

    watch them burn

    and turn on me.


    My theater is an imaginative space

    where dreams come true

    and then are defiled by the dreamer.


    My theater is the happy ending with terms and conditions.

  • News- June/July 2017

    • I've been having a blast with the students of The Nairobi Performing Arts Studio at the Kenya National Theatre! 
    • See the new 'Teacher' section for a new collection of photographs from my workshops in China, Russia and Kenya! 
    • There's a great advertisement (in Russian) for our July 2nd co-workshop with djembe drum master Ivonna Freidmane (click for website)!
    • Want to hear about that time I french kissed a giraffe named Julia? How about when my daughter rode on the back of an ostrich, or when we were on holiday and were invaded by a pack of monkeys? Check out 'Disquiet Interrupted' for a taste of our lives over the last 10 months!
    • The new #sunnynights section is up and running! What is it you ask? Check it out to learn about our July 2017 project in Russia
    • You can still purchase your copy of the NYC Act One: One Act finalist Last Exit Before You're Off The Grid here!
    • You can still watch Last Exit... by clicking on the poster on the Playwright page! The Password is 'actone'.

    Current Major Project: 40 Days of Night

    A collaborative theater and cultural exchange project in Murmansk, Russia that will yield a new full-length play in 2017

    Made possible with Theater Communications Group's

    Global Connections: On the Road Grant

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